Список публикаций 2017 г. (версия от 29.06.2017г.)
Список публикаций сотрудников УлГУ, проиндексированных в международных базах научного цитирования «Сеть науки» (Web Of Science) и «Скопус» (Scopus) в 2017 г.

WoS Scopus Название публикации Авторы Подразделение Тип публикации Выходные данные Квартиль по WoS Импакт фактор SJR
1 + + Polynomial codimension growth and the Specht problem  Giambruno, A.,  Mishchenko, S.,  Valenti, A.,  Zaicev, M. фМИиАТ article Journal of Algebra, Volume 469, 1 January 2017, Pages 421-436 Q2 0,66 1,165
2 + + Optimization of the parameters of power sources excited by gamma-radiation Bulyarskiy, S.V., Lakalin, A.V., Abanin, I.E., Amelichev, V.V., Svetuhin, V.V. НИТИ article Semiconductors, 51 (1), pp. 66-72.  Q4 0,701  
3 + + Analysis of stability and stabilization of cascade systems with time delay in terms of linear matrix inequalities Druzhinina, O. V.; Sedova, N. O. фМИиАТ article JOURNAL OF COMPUTER AND SYSTEMS SCIENCES INTERNATIONAL   Том: 56   Выпуск: 1   Стр.: 19-32 Q4 0,503  
4 + + Surface and volume waves in ferrodielectric-magnetically active material structures Filatov, LD; Sementsov, DI ИФФВТ article TECHNICAL PHYSICS, Том: 62  Выпуск: 1  Стр.: 75-81 Q4 0,569  
5 + + Dynamics of a Magnetic Moment of Finite Dipolar Lattices in the AC Field Shutyi, A. M.; Sementsov, D. I. ИФФВТ article PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, Том: 59  Выпуск: 1  Стр.: 76-82 Q4 0,831  
7 + + Lyapunov vector function method in the motion stabilisation problem for nonholonomic mobile robot Andreev, A., Peregudova, O. фМИиАТ article in press  International Journal of Systems Science, pp. 1-10. Article in Press.  Q1 0,304  
8 + + Analytical representation of concave and quasiconcave homogeneous functions Gorbunov, V.K. ИЭиБ article Optimization, 66 (4), pp. 507-519.  Q2 0,822  
9 + + Opisthobranch gastropods from the Lower Cretaceous of the Ulyanovsk Volga Region: 1. Genus Tornatellaea Conrad Blagovetshenskiy, IV ИМЭиФК article PALEONTOLOGICAL JOURNAL, Том: 51  Выпуск: 1  Стр.: 30-39 Q4 0,57  
10 + + Value of N-terminal pro brain natriuretic peptide in predicting acute kidney injury in patients with acute decompensated chronic heart failure Menzorov, M. V.; Shutov, A. M.; Midlenko, V. I.; Larionova, N. V.; Morozova, I. V.; Akulova, O. V. ИМЭиФК article TERAPEVTICHESKII ARKHIV   Том: 89   Выпуск: 3   Стр.: 78-84 Q4 0,15  
11 +   Fiscal Capacity of the Regions and Their SMEs Development: Evidence from Russia Ginzburg, Maria; Pinkovetskaia, Iulija ИЭиБ Proceedings Paper Конференция: 21st International Conference ON Current Trends in Public Sector Research Местоположение: Slapanice, CZECH REPUBLIC публ.: JAN 19-20, 2017    -  
12 + + Scattering forces within a left-handed photonic crystal Ang, A.S., Sukhov, S.V., Dogariu, A., Shalin, A.S. НИТИ article Scientific Reports, 7, art. no. 41014 Q1 5,228  
13 + + Photoinduced heterostructure in a vanadium dioxide film Semenov, A. L. ИФФВТ article PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, Том: 59  Выпуск: 2  Стр.: 351-354 Q4 0,831  
14 + + Simulation of the decomposition of binary alloys on the basis of the free energy density functional method L'vov, P. E.; Svetukhin, V. V. ИФФВТ article PHYSICS OF THE SOLID STATE, Том: 59  Выпуск: 2  Стр.: 355-361 Q4 0,831  
15 + + Generation of a Sequence of Frequency-Modulated Pulses in Longitudinally Inhomogeneous Optical Waveguides Zolotovskii, I. O.; Lapin, V. A.; Sementsov, D. I.; Stolyarov, D. A. НИТИ article OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY, Том: 122  Выпуск: 3  Стр.: 475-481 Q4 0,716  
16 + + Evolution of surface plasmon–polariton wave in a thin metal film: The modulation-instability effect Moiseev, S.G., Korobko, D.A., Zolotovskii, I.O., Fotiadi, A.A.  НИТИ article Annalen der Physik, 529 (3), art. no. 1600167 Q1 3,039  
17 + + Optical properties of animal tissues in the wavelength range from 350 to 2600 nm Filatova, Serafima A.; Shcherbakov, Ivan A.; Tsvetkov, Vladimir B. НИТИ article JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL OPTICS, Том: 22  Выпуск: 3, Номер статьи: 035009 Q1 2,556  
18 + + Infiltrated bunch of solitons in Bi-doped frequency-shifted feedback fibre laser operated at 1450 nm Rissanen, J; Korobko, DA; Zolotovsky, IO; Melkumov, M; Khopin, VF; Gumenyuk, R НИТИ article SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, Том: 7, Номер статьи: 44194 Q1 5,228  
19 + + Controlling optical beam shifts upon reflection from a magneto-electric liquid-crystal-based system for applications to chemical vapor sensing Dadoenkova, Y.S., Bentivegna, F.F.L., Svetukhin, V.V., Zhukov, A.V., Petrov, R.V., Bichurin, M.I. НИТИ article Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics, 123 (4), art. no. 107 Q3 1,696  
20 + + Threshold energies of atomic displacements in alpha-Fe under deformation: Molecular dynamics simulation Tikhonchev, M. Yu.; Svetukhin, V. V. НИТИ article TECHNICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, Том: 43  Выпуск: 4  Стр.: 348-350 Q4 0,771  
21 + + A model of carbon-nanotube growth-rate limitation on thin-film catalysts Bulyarskiy, S. V.; Lakalin, A. V.; Pavlov, A. A.; Dudin, A. A.; Kitsyuk, E. P.; Eganova, E. M.; Sirotina, A. P.; Shamanaev, A. A. НИТИ article TECHNICAL PHYSICS LETTERS, Том: 43  Выпуск: 4  Стр.: 366-368 Q4 0,771  
22 + + Estimation of the characteristic exponent of stable laws Yanushkevichiene, Olga; Saenko, Viacheslav ИФФВТ article LITHUANIAN MATHEMATICAL JOURNAL   Том: 57   Выпуск: 2   Стр.: 266-281 Q3 0,5  
23 +   Induction Equations for Fundamental Fields and Dark Matter Zhuravlev, V. M. ИФФВТ article GRAVITATION & COSMOLOGY, Том: 23  Выпуск: 2  Стр.: 95-104 Q4 0,734  
24 + + Calculating Luminosity Distance Versus Redshift in FLRW Cosmology Via Homotopy Perturbation Method Shchigolev, V. K. ИФФВТ article GRAVITATION & COSMOLOGY, Том: 23  Выпуск: 2  Стр.: 142-148 Q4 0,734  
26 + + Optical generation in an amplifying photonic crystal with an embedded nanocomposite polarizer   Dadoenkova, Y.,  Glukhov, I.,  Moiseev, S.,  Svetukhin, V.,  Zhukov, A.,  Zolotovskii, I. НИТИ article Optics Communications, Volume 389, 15 April 2017, Pages 1-4 Q1 1,48 1,62
27 + + Optical chirality of achiral three-dimensional photonic crystals Romanov, SG НИТИ article PHYSICAL REVIEW B, Том: 95  Выпуск: 15, Номер статьи: 155441 Q2 3,718  
29 + + Surface plasmon polariton amplification in semiconductor-graphene-dielectric structure Dadoenkova, YS; Moiseev, SG; Abramov, AS; Kadochkin, AS; Fotiadi, AA; Zolotovskii, IO НИТИ article ANNALEN DER PHYSIK, Том: 529  Выпуск: 5, Номер статьи: UNSP 1700037 Q1 3,039  
30 +   Insulin-like growth factor-1 in patients with acute coronary syndrome of middle and older age groups Kayumova, G ; Razin, V. A. ИМЭиФК Meeting Abstract EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIOVASCULAR NURSING, Том: 16  Стр.: S82-S83  Приложение: 1  Аннотация к встрече: 216 Q1 2,763  
31 + + Plasmon-assisted optical trapping and anti-trapping Ivinskaya, A; Petrov, MI; Bogdanov, AA; Shishkin, I; Ginzburg, P; Shalin, AS НИТИ article LIGHT-SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS, Том: 6, Номер статьи: e16258 Q1 13,6  
32 + + Generation of soliton-like wave packets and wave packets with linear phase modulation in gaining optical wave-guides with saturable nonlinearity Zhuravlev, V. M.; Zolotovskii, I. O.; Mironov, P. P. НИТИ article OPTICS AND SPECTROSCOPY, Том: 122  Выпуск: 5  Стр.: 774-783 Q4 0,716  
33 +   The membrane-modifying effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in chronic heart failure Ruzov, VV; Altynbaeva, EN; Goryachaya, MN; Kostishko, BB; Vorobev, AM; Mulenga, M ИМЭиФК Meeting Abstract EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEART FAILURE, Том: 19  Стр.: 49-49  Приложение: 1  Специальный выпуск: SI  Аннотация к встрече: P268 Q1 6,968  
34 +   Insulin-like growth factor-1 in acute coronary syndrome complicated by acute heart failure Kayumova, GG; Razin, V ИМЭиФК Meeting Abstract EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF HEART FAILURE, Том: 19  Стр.: 543-543  Приложение: 1  Специальный выпуск: SI  Аннотация к встрече: P2129 Q1 6,968  
35 + + Dynamics of the magnetic moment of small dipole lattices in an alternating field Shutyi, AM; Sementsov, DI НИТИ article PHYSICS OF METALS AND METALLOGRAPHY, Том: 118  Выпуск: 5  Стр.: 421-431 Q3 0,884  
36 + + Plasticity and Convergence in the Evolution of Short-Necked Plesiosaurs Fischer, V; Benson, RBJ; Zverkov, NG; Soul, LC; Arkhangelsky, MS; Lambert, O; Stenshin, IM; Uspensky, GN; Druckenmiller, PS ИМЭиФК article CURRENT BIOLOGY, Том: 27  Выпуск: 11  Стр.: 1667-+ Q1 9,571  
37 + + Grain boundary diffusion in terms of the tempered fractional calculus Sibatov R.T., Svetukhin V.V. НИТИ article Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics","381","24",,"","",,, Q2 1,772  
38   + Efficacy of Complex Antioxidant Energy Correction of Different Durations in the Treatment of Cerebral Infarction (results of a multicenter randomized study) Rumyantseva, S.A. , Kovalenko, A.L., Silina, E.V., Stupin, V.A., Kabaeva, E.N., Chichanovskaya, L.V., Nazarov, M.V., Tsukurova, L.A., Burenichev, D.V., Golikov, K.V., Sal’nikov, M.V., Belova, L.A., Mashin, V.V., Mazina, N.K., Zhilina, E.A., Kolotik-Kameneva, O.Y., Sherman, M.A. ИМЭиФК article Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology, pp. 1-8. Article in Press.       
39   + Nonlocal relativistic diffusion (NoRD) model of cosmic ray propagation Uchaikin, V.V., Sibatov, R.T. ИФФВТ article Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 798 (1), art. no. 012029      
40   + Tempered Lévy walk of charged particles in turbulent magnetic field+ Sibatov, R.T., Uchaikin, V.V., Byzykchi, A.N. НИТИ article Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 798 (1), art. no. 012037      
41   + Magneto-optic waveguide and dielectric photonic crystal as a new complex structure for photonics Dadoenkova, N., Dadoenkova, Y., Panyaev, I., Sannikov, D., Rozhleys, I., Krawczyk, M., Lyubchanskii, I. НИТИ Conference Paper Proceedings of the International Conference on Advanced Optoelectronics and Lasers, CAOL, art. no. 7851438, pp. 231-232.       
42 + + Identification of Human Body Daily Temperature Dynamics via Minimum State Prediction Error Method Semushin, I ; Tsyganova, J; Kulikova, M; Tsyganov, A; Peskov, A  фМИиАТ Proceedings Paper 2016 EUROPEAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ECC), Стр.: 2429-2434, Опубликовано: 2016      
43 + + Adaptive Wave Filtering for Marine Vessels within UD-based Algorithms Kulikova, MV; Tsyganova, JV; Semushin, I фМИиАТ Proceedings Paper 2016 EUROPEAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ECC), Стр.: 807-812, Опубликовано: 2016      
44   + Tempered fractional model of transient current in organic semiconductor layers Sibatov, R. ,  Morozova, E.   НИТИ article Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Volume 407, 2017, Pages 287-295, 8th Conference on Non-integer Order Calculus and Its Applications, RRNR 2016; Zakopane; Poland; 20 September 2016 through 21 September 2016; Code 183739      
45   + Alloying carbon nanotubes Saurov, A.N., Bulyarskii, S.V. НИТИ article Russian Microelectronics, 46 (1)      
46   + Modelling of emission processes in carbon nanotubes Lakalin, A.V., Pavlov, A.A., Shamanaev, A.A. НИТИ article Russian Microelectronics, 46 (1), pp. 12-17      
47   + Electrically tunable Brillouin fiber laser based on a metal-coated single-mode optical fiber Popov, S.M., Chamorovski, Y.K., Isaev, V.A., Megret, P., Zolotovskii, I.O., Fotiadi, A.A. НИТИ article Results in Physics, 7, pp. 852-853.       
48   + Transverse magneto-optic Kerr effect and Imbert-Fedorov shift upon light reflection from a magnetic/non-magnetic bilayer: Impact of misfit strain Dadoenkova, Yu.S., Bentivegna, F.F.L., Dadoenkova, N.N., Lyubchanskii, I.L. НИТИ article Journal of Optics (United Kingdom), 19 (1), art. no. 015610      
49   + Direct conversion of β-decay energy into electrical energy Bulyarskii, S.V., Lakalin, A.V., Abanin, I.E., Amelichev, V.V., Risovanyi, V.D., Svetukhin, V.V., Ivanov, B.V., Lisina, I.G. НИТИ article Russian Microelectronics, 46 (1), pp. 18-25.       
50   + Self-injection locking of the DFB laser through an external ring fiber cavity: Application for phase sensitive OTDR acoustic sensor Bueno Escobedo, J.L., Spirin, V.V., Lopez-Mercado, C.A., Marquez Lucero, A., Megret, P., Zolotovskii, I.O., Fotiadi, A.A. НИТИ article Results in Physics, 7, pp. 641-643.       
51   + Characteristics of 4-Day Infradian Biorhythms in Mature Male Wistar Rats after Pinealectomy Diatroptov, M.E., Slesarev, S.M., Slesareva, E.V.  ИМЭиФК Article in Press Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine, pp. 1-5.       
52   + The interaction between atomic displacement cascades and tilt symmetrical grain boundaries in О±-zirconium Kapustin, P., Svetukhin, V., Tikhonchev, M. НИТИ Article in Press Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids, pp. 1-9.       
53   + On the use of a general quadratic Lyapunov function for studying the stability of Takagi–Sugeno systems Sedova, N.O., Egrashkina, Z.E. фМИиАТ article Russian Mathematics, 61 (5), pp. 66-72.       
54   + Induction equations for fundamental fields and dark matter Zhuravlev, V.M. ИФФВТ article Gravitation and Cosmology, 23 (2), pp. 95-104.       
55   + Spectral properties of nonlinear surface polaritons of mid-ir range in a “semiconductor-layered metamaterial” structure Panyaev, I.S., Sannikov, D.G. НИТИ article Computer Optics, 41 (2), pp. 183-191.      
56   + Fractional derivatives on cosmic scales Uchaikin, V.V., Sibatov, R.T. ИФФВТ Article in Press Chaos, Solitons and Fractals,       
57   + Effective atomic displacements in Fe-9at.%Cr alloy Svetukhin, V., Tikhonchev, M. НИТИ article Defect and Diffusion Forum, 375, pp. 139-149.       
58   + Results of surgical treatment of bladder cancer Charyshkin, A.L., Matorkin, D.A. ИМЭиФК article Medical News of North Caucasus, 12 (1), pp. 41-44.       
59   + Serum levels of growth factors (Plgf, pdgf-bb, vegf-a) in women with infertility and miscarriage associated with chronic endometritis Kometova, V.V., Kozyreva, E.V., Davidyan, L.Y., Malanina, E.N., Bogdasarov, A.U., Voznesenskaya, N.V.  ИМЭиФК article Akusherstvo i Ginekologiya (Russian Federation), (4), pp. 74-80.       
60   + Social and psychological features of junior school students prone to aggressive behaviour Tashcheva, A.I., Folomeeva, T.V., Tikhomandritskaya, O.A., Mikhaylova, I.V., Kalinina, N.V. фГНиСТ article Man in India, 97 (3), pp. 521-531.      
61   + Analysis of safety for fetus of immunoadjuvant influenza vaccines in pregnant women Kostinov, M.P., Cherdantsev, A.P., Praulova, D.A., Kostinova, A.M., Polischuk, V.B. ИМЭиФК article Pediatriya - Zhurnal im G.N. Speranskogo, 96 (1), pp. 91-96.       
62   + Education as a factor of raising the adaptation potential in a delinquent personality Salakhova, V.B., Kalinina, N.V., Belinskaya, D.B., Aygumova, Z.I., Tkhugo, M.M. фГНиСТ article Man in India, 97 (3), pp. 1-13.