The information for English-speaking students of the T.Z. Biktimirova on specialty "Therapeutics "

All information for students is presented in the relevant sections of the disciplines:

1. General surgery.

2. Care for a surgical patient.

3. Stomatology.

4. Topographic anatomy and surgical surgery.


Teaching aids for students, test tasks, tasks for classes and methodological recommendations for teachers, as well as the necessary equipment for practical classes are available at the departments.


Education Act No. 273

Information about the academic discipline of students at USU

 (based on the law on education No. 273 updated in 2017 and the documents of the quality management system DP 2-05-16)

The student is obliged to attend and not be late for lectures and classes (order number 273)

The students should be informed by the teacher about the applied TCU system (current performance monitoring) in the first week of the beginning of the discipline (hereinafter DP 2-05-16)

To improve the quality of the educational process, a commission is established to monitor the process of attending classes for students. The structure includes a representative of the dean's office, teachers of departments, representatives of the student union.

Until the 25th day of the current month, the departments provide the dean's office with information on non-attendance of classes by students through the designation of an office note addressed to the dean (for 4-6 courses depending on the duration of the course)


At the end of the month, an act is drawn up on the basis of the work of the commission. Students who have absenteeism may be subject to disciplinary measures - warning, reprimand, severe reprimand.


Students who are not certified for 50% or more of the disciplines in the current semester are considered to be unsuccessful. Intramester certification is carried out no later than a month before the session.

The teacher must bring to the students a list of questions for the exam no later than one month before the beginning of the exam session

Students are admitted to the examination session only after passing all tests and other works envisaged by the curriculum of the current semester.

Students must eliminate debt for the spring semester and the summer session before October 1,

for the autumn and winter session to 1  Мarch.