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Topic. Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of the abdominal wall.

Topographic anatomy of the anterolateral wall of the abdomen and its weak points.

Determination of the contents and boundaries of weaknesses in the anterior abdominal wall. Stitching on fabrics when simulating the plasticity of weak points.

Topography of the lumbar region and retroperitoneal space. Technique of surgical interventions on organs of retroperitoneal space

Topography of the gate of the kidney. Accesses extraperitoneal and pereroshryushinye to the kidneys and ureters, their comparative characteristics (laparotomic, Fedorov, Pirogov, Bergman-Israel).

Topic.  Surgical Anatomy of the Abdominal Cavity

Topographical anatomy of the upper abdominal organs. Stroke and peritoneum in the upper floor

Blood supply, lymph drainage, innervation of the abdominal cavity organs. Possible ways of spreading the infection. The technique of revision of the upper floor of the abdominal cavity.

Topographical anatomy of the lower floor of the abdominal cavity. The course of the peritoneum and the formation of the peritoneum in the lower floor. Revision of the abdominal cavity with bleeding and damage to the wall of the genital organ. Types of intestinal sutures and anastomoses of hollow organs.

Intestinal seams: Lambert, Albert and Schmiden, Cherni, Pirogov-Bira, Mateshuk, Kirpatovsky. Formation of anastomoses "side to side", "end to side", "end to end". Mobilization of the intestine. Resection of the small intestine. Appendectomy. Abdominal revision technique Possible ways of spreading the infection

The technique of performing operations on the organs of the upper floor of the abdominal cavity: stomach, duodenum. Anastomoses, intestinal sutures

Operations on the stomach: gastrotomy, suturing perforated gastric ulcer, gastroenterostomy (anteroposterior), pozadiobodochnoy. Resection of the stomach according to Billroth-I. Operations on the liver: seams of the parenchymal organ. Cholecystectomy Splenectomy

Surgery on the organs of the abdominal cavity.

Puncture of abdominal cavity. Technique of intestinal suture. Appendectomy. Resection of the intestine with the application of intestinal anastomoses. Overlapping the unnatural anus.

Operations on the abdominal organs

Gastrotomy, suturing of perforated gastric ulcer, gastrostomy, gastroenteroanastomosis. Resection of the stomach. Sewing of wounds of the small and large intestine. Resection of the intestine with anastomoses "end to end", "side to side", "end to side." Liver seam, splenectomy, cholecystectomy. Suturing the wound of the parenchymal organ. Seam of the liver. Splenectomy.

Topic. Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of pelvis and perineum.

Topographic anatomy and operative surgery of the pelvis and perineum.

Operations on the internal sex organs of women and men. Colostomy on the large intestine. Drainage of the cell spaces of the cavity and walls of the pelvis