Practical skills


For distributed practice for first year students

Skill Name
1 Sanitary treatment of surgical patients in the emergency room
2 Treatment of surgical patients with head lice
3 Transportation of surgical patients
4 Conducting anthropometry of surgical patients
5 Thermometry, storage and disinfection of thermometers in surgical patients
6 Prevention of the development of bedsores
Care of surgical patients with bedsores.
7 Use of an ice pack in surgical patients.
8 Measurement and evaluation of blood pressure, pulse in surgical patients
9 Counting respiratory movements in surgical patients
10 Patient care with urinary incontinence
11 Care of drains, catheters
12 Tracheostomy care
13 Caring for gastrostomy
14 Care colostomy
15 Installing a urinary catheter.
16 Care for urinary catheter
17 Feeding the vessel and urinal
18 Collect urine, sputum for analysis.
19 Gathering vomit and feces for analysis
20 Manufacturing dressings
21 Treatment and disinfection of patient care items
22 Conducting a preliminary, ongoing final cleaning in the surgical department.
23 Change of bed linen.
24 change of diapers
25 Change of urinal, flushing the bladder.