for distributed practice for first year students


Theme number Subjects of essays

1 Stages of the study of literary sources for the care of surgical patients.

2 Methods for finding scientific information on the care of surgical patients ..

3 Basics of examination of the surgical patient.

4 Research methods of surgical patients.

5 Methods of medical statistics.

6 Basics of randomized research.

7 Evidence-based medicine.

8 The concept of an ostomy and its care.

9 Manipulations related to the care of the stoma.

10 Tracheostomy care.

11 Care for the gastrostomy and feeding through it.

12 Care colostomy.

13 Care for an epicystostomy.

14 Care for urinary catheter.

15 Care for cystostomy.

16. Deontology

17 Rules for the prevention of bedsores.

18 Care of postoperative drains

19 Change of a urinal.

20 Introduction of the vapor tube, setting enemas.