QUESTIONS to offset in the discipline "Dentistry" for the 4th year specialty "MEDICAL CASE"

1. Etiology and pathogenesis of dental caries.

2. Clinical topographical classification of dental caries.

3. Clinic of dental caries. Treatment.

4. Methods of treatment of dental caries.

5. Classification of cavities in the Blek.

6. Gingivitis. Clinic, treatment, differential diagnosis.

7. Catarrhal gingivitis, clinic, treatment.

8. Ulcerative gingivitis, clinic, treatment.

9. Clinic of hypertrophic gingivitis, treatment.

10. Pericoronaritis, clinic, treatment.

11. Methods of treatment of pulpitis.

12. Clinic of chronic forms of pulpitis.

13. Clinic of chronic forms of periodontal disease.

14. Clinic of acute chronic periodontitis.

15. Ways outflow of exudate from periodontal.

16. Complication in the treatment of periodontal disease.

17. Etiology and pathogenesis of periodontitis.

18. Physical factors used in the treatment of periodontitis

19. Prevention of periodontal disease.

20. Classification of periodontal diseases.

21. Clinic of periodontitis.

22. Methods of treatment of periodontitis.

23. Methods of X-ray examination of periodontal and periodontal tissues.

24. Clinic of ulcerative-necrotic stomatitis. Treatment.

25. Papilloma, clinic, treatment.

26. Etiology and pathogenesis of acute pulpitis.

27. Clinic of acute forms of pulpitis.

28. Clinic of chronic forms of pulpitis.

29. Hemangioma, clinic, treatment.

30. Classification of periodontitis.

31. Methods of treatment of chronic forms of periodontitis.

32. Follicular cyst, clinic, treatment.

33. Lip cancer, clinic, treatment.

34. Clinic of chronic forms of periodontitis.

35. Clinic of periostitis of the jaw, treatment.

36. Adamanthoma, clinic, treatment.

37. Osteoma, clinic, treatment.

38. Radicular cyst, clinic, treatment.

39. Methods of examination of a dental patient. Instrumental method.

40. Herpetic stomatitis, clinic, treatment.

41. Osteoblastoklastoma, clinic, treatment.

42. Osteomyelitis of the lower jaw, clinic, treatment.

43. Chronic recurrent aphthous stomatitis, clinic, treatment.

44. Epulis, clinic, treatment. Differential diagnostics.

45. Cancer of the jaw, clinic, treatment.

46. ​​Sarcoma of the jaw, clinic, treatment. Differential diagnostics.

47. Fibroma, clinic, treatment.

48. Clinic and treatment of odontogenic sinusitis.

49. Connection between odontogenic infection and somatic diseases.

50. Red flat lichen, clinic, treatment.

51. Cancer of the oral mucosa, clinic, treatment.

52. Odontoma, clinic, treatment.

53. Dislocation of the lower jaw, clinic, treatment.

54. Types of fractures of the lower jaw.

55. Types of fractures of the upper jaw.