Список публикаций 2019г. (версия от 05.03.2019г.)
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1 +   Generalized non-classical nucleation model in binary alloys L'vov, P. E.; Svetukhin, V. V. НИТИ article MODELLING AND SIMULATION IN MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, Том: 27  Выпуск: 2, Номер статьи: 025002 Q2   1,793
2 + + Non integral exponential growth of central polynomials Giambruno, A; Mishchenko, S; Zaicev, M фМИиАТ article ARCHIV DER MATHEMATIK, Том: 112  Выпуск: 2  Стр.: 149-160 Q3 Q2 0,59
3 +   Compression of femtosecond pulses in a wide wavelength range using a large-mode-area tapered fiber Rehan, M; Kumar, G; Rastogi, V; Korobko, DA; Sysolyatin, AA НИТИ article LASER PHYSICS, Том: 29  Выпуск: 2, Номер статьи: 025104 Q3   0,675
4 + + Varieties with at most cubic growth Mishchenko, S.,  Valenti, A. фМИиАТ article Journal of Algebra, Volume 518, 15 January 2019, Pages 321-342 Q3 Q1 0,675
5 +   Anomalous Grain Boundary Diffusion: Fractional Calculus Approach Sibatov, RT НИТИ article ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS, Номер статьи: 8017363 Q4   0,71
6 + + Fractional Differential Model of Resonant Transfer of Excitations in Plasma Uchaikin, VV; Kozhemyakina, EV  ИФФВТ article RUSSIAN PHYSICS JOURNAL, Том: 61  Выпуск: 9  Стр.: 1551-1558 Q4 Q3 0,555
7 +   Female entrepreneurship development in the Russian Federation Pinkovetskaia, I; Campillo, DFA; Bahamon, MJR; Gromova, T; Nikitina, I  ИЭиБ article AMAZONIA INVESTIGA, Том: 8  Выпуск: 18  Стр.: 111-118 ESCI   -
8 + + The Photobiomodulation of Vital Parameters of the Cancer Cell Culture by Low Dose of Near-IR Laser Irradiation Khokhlova, A; Zolotovskii, I; Stoliarov, D; Vorsina, S; Liamina, D; Pogodina, E; Fotiadi, AA; Sokolovski, SG; Saenko, Y; Rafailov, EU НИТИ article IEEE JOURNAL OF SELECTED TOPICS IN QUANTUM ELECTRONICS, Том: 25  Выпуск: 1, Номер статьи: 7201510 Q1 Q1 3,367
9 + + Generation of 2 μm radiation due to single-mode fibers with longitudinally varying diameter Korobko, D.A.,  Rastogi, V.,  Sysoliatin, A.A.,  Zolotovskii, I.O. НИТИ article Optical Fiber Technology, Volume 47, January 2019, Pages 38-42 Q3 Q2 1,35
10   + Simulation of atomic displacements cascades in α-zirconium near β-Nb-20%Zr precipitate Kapustin, P.E.,  Tikhonchev, M.Y.,  Sibatov, R.T.,  Svetukhin, V.V.  НИТИ article Results in Physics, Volume 12, March 2019, Pages 175-177   Q3  
11   + Distributed measurements of vibration frequency using phase-OTDR with a DFB laser self-stabilized through PM fiber ring cavity Bueno Escobedo, J.L.,  Jason, J.,  López-Mercado, C.A.,  Spirin, V.V.,  Wuilpart, M.,  Mégret, P.,  Korobko, D.A.,  Zolotovskiy, I.O.,  Fotiadi, A.A. НИТИ article Results in Physics, Volume 12, March 2019, Pages 1840-1842   Q3  
12   + Numerical Characteristics of Varieties of Poisson Algebras Ratseev, S.M. фМИиАТ article Journal of Mathematical Sciences (United States), Volume 237, Issue 2, 28 February 2019, Pages 304-322   Q3  
13   + Resonant Radiation Transfer in Plasma. Boundary Effects Uchaikin, V.V.,  Kozhemiakina, E.V. ИФФВТ article Russian Physics Journal, Volume 61, Issue 10, 15 February 2019, Pages 1770-1777   Q3  
14   + Anomalous grain boundary diffusion: Fractional calculus approach Sibatov, R.T. НИТИ article Advances in Mathematical Physics,Volume 2019, 2019, Номер статьи 8017363   Q3  
15     The mathematical model for describing the principles of enterprise management “just in time, design to cost, risks management” Lutoshkin, I.,  Lipatova, S.,  Polyanskov, Y.,  Yamaltdinova, N.,  Yardaeva, M. ЦК/ИЭиБ/фМИИАТ article Studies in Systems, Decision and Control, Volume 199, 2019, Pages 682-695   Q4  
16   + On global trajectory tracking control of robot manipulators in cylindrical phase space Andreev, A.,  Peregudova, O.E фМИиАТ article International Journal of Control, 2019   Q1  
17   + Application of bio-oil in hydraulic systems Khusainov, A.S.,  Glushchenko, A.A.,  Zartdinova, F.F. ИФФВТ Book Chapter Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Issue 9783319956299, 2019, Pages 911-919   -  
18   + On support of optimization criterion of recovery process of motor oils Khusainov, A.S.,  Glushchenko, A.A. ИФФВТ Book Chapter Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering, Issue 9783319956299, 2019, Pages 921-928   -  
19   + Inelastic Spin-Wave Scattering by Bloch Domain Wall Flexure Oscillations Dadoenkova, N.N.,  Dadoenkova, Y.S.,  Lyubchanskii, I.L.,  Krawczyk, M.,  Guslienko, K.Y. НИТИ article Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 2019, Номер статьи 1800589   Q1