Questions for conducting current monitoring depending by type and type of practice


1. Types of coaching students on safety and labor protection

2. Basic documents on conducting an introductory, initial briefing on labor protection.

3. Basic documents on unscheduled and targeted briefing on labor protection.

4. Responsible persons for carrying out initial, unscheduled and targeted instruction

5. The main types of medical institutions

6. The main modes of the medical institution

7. Project: concept and characterization of project features

8. Classification of projects

9. Project management: concept and description of the main constraints

10. Classification of project management processes

11. Structuring of the project: concept and essence

12. Organizational structures of project management: concept, essence, principles of construction

13. Medical records

14. Rules for the preparation of medical documentation

15. Responsibilities

16. Documented project plans

17. Project cost management processes

18. The main characteristics of the team and the reasons for its formation

19. Types of project teams

20. Professional team and their main functions in project management

21. Types of teamwork and their characteristics

22. The basic principles of personnel management of the project team

23. Project Team Effectiveness

24. Key project participants

25. Structuring of the project: concept, essence, principles

26. Detailed project planning: concept, stages, methods

27. Monitoring the implementation of the project: concept, principles and implementation methods

28. Change management during project implementation

29. Objectives and stages of project completion

30. Project deliverables